For dogs

Gavino je intenzivní kloubní výživa pro psy s prémiovým chondroitin sulfátem, rozmarýnem lékařským a Astaxanthinem.

ASCOSORB C DOG 300 g Show more Novinka  Skladem ASCOSORB C DOG 300 g Ascosorb C is a lipo-emulsion form of high-dose vitamin C with a precise amount per unit (1.6 g vitamin C / 10 ml). Exact dosing of vitamin C provides good and long-lasting results. The active substance is in the form of sodium ascorbate, which has a higher bioavailability than pure ascorbic acid and does not re-acidify the body. This is more pH "neutral" form of vitamin C. 539
Gavino ASTADOG joint nutrition 90 cps. Show more  In Stock 3 ks Gavino ASTADOG joint nutrition 90 cps. Gavino ASTADOG is an intense joint nutrition with premium chondroitin sulfate, rosemary and Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a powerful natural antioxidant from freshwater algae and marine crustaceans. They act simultaneously inside and outside the cells. 495
Gavino™ KOMPLET 120 cps. Show more  In Stock > 5 ks Gavino™ KOMPLET 120 cps. Gavino ™ COMPLET is a complete joint nutrition for dogs movement. It contains all the important ingredients for the proper functioning of the joints, ligaments and muscles of all breeds of dogs. In addition, it contains the Boswellia serrata extract, which has anti-inflammatory effects. 339
Gavino™ MSM 200g MAXI Show more  In Stock > 5 ks Gavino™ MSM 200g MAXI MSM powder for large dog breeds, also suitable for long-term administration to strengthen the ligaments and tendons. Practical packaging with precision dosing measure. 249
Gavino™ PREVENT 120 cps. Show more  In Stock > 5 ks Gavino™ PREVENT 120 cps. Enzymatically hydrolysed collagen in form for maximum utilization in the body. Well-digestable and usable protein commonly found in connective tissues. Suitable for preventive long-term use or with increased risk of movement difficulties. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen production for normal cartilage function. 220
Gavino™ MSM 350 mg MINI Show more  In Stock > 5 ks Gavino™ MSM 350 mg MINI For easy and accurate dosage to small dogs 350 mg of high-quality MSM in one capsule. 220