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Professional counseling

Performance - Nutrition - Health

Physical performance, healthy immunity and psychosocial well-being and endurance go hand in hand with quality of life. The failure in one part usually means discomfort in other areas of life.

DoktorSport is an original platform utilizing high quality knowledge of nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology with overlap in many other "medical disciplines" and my personal view of sustainability or health promotion. I prefer the principles of so-called physiological and regulatory intervention, including physical, nutritional, educational and other. I try to create the conditions for the client to find his way back to his own health. Sometimes I become a disease guide - an inconvenience, I am often only a mentor, but I almost always know the whole story of the client (which often hides the necessary solution). Basically, I do not interfere with ongoing treatment. If necessary, I use a range of proven nutritional materials (very often my own recipe) of doctors, physiotherapists, homeopaths and others.


Services and consultations I provide:

Promoting sport performance and regeneration. Editing and recommendation of training and nutrition formulas. Individual nutritional materials to support performance, immunity and regeneration.

Physical and nutritional transformation program for managers

Program of complete physical, immune and nutritional restart 30 and 60 days.

Injuries, wear of the locomotive apparatus and soft tissues. Specific nutrition to accelerate regeneration and convalescence. Trans dermal nutritional materials. Changing dietary patterns.

Fatigue syndrome from work, sports, psychological overload. Individual compensation program according to the current client status.

Atopic eczema, new approaches and options, nutritional support, work with immunity, support of the skin barrier function.

Male infertility, supporting the natural fertility potential of both the FFP (Family Fertility Program) partners. Program to improve qualitative and quantitative parameters of male spermiogram in combined OAT disorders. Improving spermograms for low-value athletes. Detox Risk Factors - Heavy Metals.

Heartburn and reflux (GERD syndrome), breathing adjustment, diaphragm tension physiotherapy, physiological nutritional reconstruction of oesophageal lining in clients and athletes with years of complications. Limiting the risk of lack of key factors (VitB12) due to achlorhydria (gastric acid deficiency), excessive drug use, limiting the side effects of drugs,

Development of dietary supplements, individual production

Suggestion, preparation, development of recipes of nutritional supplements for private subjects, proposal of technological process of production, selection of nutritional materials, provision of production capacity. Pharmaceutical forms of capsules, tablets, beverages, gels, creams and others.

Teaching activity

Presentations, lectures and seminars for third parties.

PharmDr. Richard Pfleger

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